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Family Dispute

Family Law Assessments

Following separation or divorce many families seek assistance of the Courts in settling child access and custody issues. You may have been directed by the Court (Federal Circuit Court) to attend for assessment or advised by your legal counsel to obtain a Family Assessment Report.

What is our role?

Our role is to conduct an assessment and provide a written report to the Courts about your family, and advise the Courts about recommendations for access and or custody and to provide the Court with information about the services provided to families by government, community and other agencies.

What happens at assessment?

  • The psychologist will conduct an interview with both parties separately. This interview will take approximately two hours.

  • The Court requires the psychologist to observe you with your child/ren, particularly if they are too young to be interviewed. This is to assess the relationship between parent and child/ren. The psychologist will take into consideration their ages and any other circumstances and instruct how and if interviews and observations are to occur with the child/ren on the day.

What you need to do before seeing the psychologist?

  • You must let us know in advance if there are any safety concerns or existing Intervention Orders so that we can make necessary arrangements prior to your arrival to ensure your safety.

  • In order for us to best understand your case and provide you with the best possible outcome we ask that you or your legal counsel send us all of your affidavit material and relevant court documents prior to your scheduled appointment. 


Why does the family consultant prepare a report?

The judicial officer can direct family consultants to provide a report about the care, welfare and development of your child.

Most times, the psychologist will try to work out the views and experiences of your child and to include those views in the report.

Sometimes it is not appropriate to report on a child’s views because of their age, maturity or some special circumstances.

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