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Forensic Psychology

Expert Guidance

Psychological evaluation is intended to assist the courts in determining decisions in criminal matters. Our assessment strategy goes beyond the typical psychological evaluation necessary for clinical purposes.

Vicpsychplus provide Forensic Services that include... 

  • Psychological assessment

  • Treatment / Intervention (Offence specific and offence related)

  • Risk Assessment Sexual / Violence Offences

  • Assessment of sexual deviance (adult and adolescent)

  • Family Law Assessment

  • Protective capacity of non-offending care givers

  • Fitness to Plead

  • Child Protection court matters

  • Expert opinion

  • Domestic Violence

Vicpsychplus prides itself on... 

  • Being impartial - we are not influenced by the defense or prosecution or the agency commissioning the report.

  • Assessments being based on valid and reliable data and empirically guided practice.

  • Our reports being defensible in Court.

  • Staying up to date with current methods.

Counsel & Advice
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